About me

My name is Nikhil Menda,

I am a undergraduate student at Queen’s University currently studying Engineering Physics with a focus in computer science. However, I feel like that’s a shitty way of introducing who I am.

I’m someone who is extremely passionate about what I do, and I tend to go very deep into things. The thing I am most passionate about is space, and I suspect a lot of the things I write about will in some way be related to my passion for space. I am also the Propulsion Lead at my university’s rocket engineering team(QRET) where I spend a lot of time leading a team that’s working on designing and building our hybrid rocket engine.

Recently I have also to begun to go deep into cryptocurrencies. The genesis of Bitcoin is one of the most inspiring modern stories to me. What it has led to in the world of other cryptocurrencies shows me a window into a better future. I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen, but I feel like it’s the beginning of the next generation of the internet. I’ll probably write an essay soon to have a more clear idea in my head as well as share my opinions.

On the less intellectual side, I also have a deep love for the ocean and travelling to new countries. I’m an avid scuba diver and hope to get certified as a divemaster sometime soon. I’ve done really wacky stuff like dive 30m underwater to be inside a cloud of hydrogen sulfide (yes I know it’s toxic), get slapped by sharks, and have my regulator malfunction while 20m under the surface. Some of my most enjoyable moments in my life have come during the times I’ve travelled (especially solo travel), and even more than diving, I love the people I come across while travelling. Maybe I’ll write about that sometime too. I made a promise to myself that I would visit a 100 countries before I turn 30, and you better bet I’m going to do it.

I started this blog as a way of claiming my own space on the internet that’s controlled by me. It’s a way for me to share who I am and my thoughts in a way that’s not dictated or influenced by what’s fashionable on a social media platform and the algorithms they use.

My plan for this blog is heavily influenced by Paul Graham. His essays showed how valuable writing can be, not just as a form of communication, but as a way of learning and assimilating what I know. It’s a way of clearing the fuzz in my head, and as a bonus I could end up creating something that could be useful to someone else.

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